Putting practical knowledge to work in Planning and Redevelopment.

As licensed and certified planners and specialists in redevelopment, our staff is well versed in New Jersey’s Municipal Land Use Law, the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law and the rules and regulations of the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH), established under the Fair Housing Act.

What sets us apart is how we put that planning and redevelopment knowledge to work.

We have extensive experience in the funding and development arena for all types of residential and commercial projects at the local, state and federal levels.  We also utilize a holistic approach in the preparation and implementation of a master plan, redevelopment plan or revitalization plan. We base our plans on market data, local and regional trends, and hands on development and financing experience. The resulting plans, land use regulations and design guidelines are realistic and achievable.

We recognize the importance and contributions of local residents, businesses and other stakeholders in community planning. That is why we work closely with municipal agencies, housing authorities, community groups, non-profit and for-profit organizations, and other local stakeholders.

The Metro Company, LLC is skilled in bringing diverse participants and interests together to produce sound plans based on analytical techniques and community buy-in.  This ensures that all plans acknowledge the importance of local input and consensus building.

We have produced studies and plans of all types for our public and private clients.

  • Master Plans and Smart Growth Plans
  • Redevelopment Studies and Plans
  • Strategic Neighborhood Plans
  • Community & Economic Development Programs
  • Housing & Commercial Revitalization Plans
  • Land Use and Development Regulations
  • Zoning Ordinances
  • Design Guidelines
  • Socio-Economic Impact Analyses
  • Market and Feasibility Studies
  • Housing Elements and Fair Share Plans