The Imprint of Reality. 

The planning and development of residential, commercial and mixed-use developments is complex. It takes experience, innovation, creativity, and perseverance.

For 30 years, The Metro Company, LLC has been providing an array of planning, housing and development services, and has structured and secured the public and private financing that is necessary to bring the firm’s diverse plans and projects to fruition.

By balancing creativity with experience and marrying innovation with the realities of finance, we know what it takes to make good plans and projects a reality. This “Imprint of Reality” is Metro’s hallmark. 

From a real world perspective, we know what it takes to effectively plan and get projects financed, developed and built.  It also means we foster successful business and strategic partnerships and build solutions through consensus that often spans competing public and private interests and multiple constituencies.

Our track record is proven. Our portfolio of work is diverse.

  • Affordable and Mixed-Income Housing Finance
  • Rental and For-Sale Housing Development
  • Community and Economic Development Programs
  • Public & Private Financing
  • Financial Packaging For Residential & Commercial Projects
  • Housing and Commercial Revitalization Programs
  • Master Plans and Smart Growth Plans
  • Redevelopment Studies and Plans
  • Neighborhood Plans and Strategies
  • Housing Plans
  • Zoning Ordinances, Land Use Regulations & Design Guidelines
  • Market and Financial Feasibility Analysis

Behind the firm’s body of work and projects - examples of which you can find on this web site - are the highly experienced and dedicated professionals of Metro. They turn our projects into reality and are the reason for our thirty years of success.

When you need real insight, real vision and real success, contact Metro.